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If Southern Charm Could Be Made Into a Candy . . . It Would Taste Like This!

Lanier’s Fine Candies has elevated nut brittles to an elegant gourmet treat without losing a bit of down-home flavor or old-fashioned artisan quality. Based on the Northern Louisiana peanut-brittle recipe of Herman Lanier’s Aunt Marie, these sweet brittles crunch when you bite them yet melt in your mouth when you let them linger. They’ve been known to set hearts aflutter and make taste buds break into dance.

By adding freshly roasted nut varieties and the highest-quality dark- and milk-chocolate candy to the original Southern recipe, Herman Lanier has created new flavor combinations that glorify even the lowliest nut in ways Aunt Marie could never have imagined.

All-natural, preservative free, and made in small batches to ensure freshness, Lanier’s Fine Candies are perfect as gifts for all occasions and are delicious eaten fresh from the bag, paired with coffee, baked into cookies, and crumbled on ice cream and anything else your heart desires.

Taste for yourself the sweet homemade goodness and fresh-from-the-kettle flavor of Lanier’s Fine Candies by ordering a variety today!


Honoring My Family’s Sweet Tradition

With more nuts than brittle—and just the right combination of sweet and crunchy—my Aunt Marie’s peanut brittle was the best in all of Northern Louisiana. Some declared, in all the world.

Aunt Marie handed that secret family recipe down to me. And now, through Lanier’s Fine Candies, I’m carrying on the tradition of candy making with down-home goodness and family pride.

That treasured old Southern recipe remains at the core of every brittle we make, whether the original peanut or something with a new twist, like our nut brittles drenched in chocolate.

To ensure you enjoy a fresh-out-of-the-kettle, candy-eating experience, all our brittles are made in small batches with all-natural, preservative-free ingredients.

Open the box, take a bite, and you may declare it the world’s best brittle—outside, of course, of Aunt Marie’s own Louisiana kitchen.

Dedicated to Making the world a little Sweeter ®


Herman                                           MAKING THE WORLD A LITTLE SWEETER