Almond Brittle

We have 3 flavors of Almond Brittle for you to choose from…

This all-natural product does not contain additives or preservatives. It comes to you perfectly fresh.



Original Almond Brittle- 6oz – $10.00


This twist on Aunt Marie’s peanut brittle recipe is one of the simplest, yet the flavor is such a wonderful surprise. There’s something about almonds that speaks of sunshine and country air, and when these nuts are combined with fresh-out-of-the-kettle brittle, the result is a sweet delight with rich, earthy overtones. If you’re an almond lover, our almond brittle will make your heart—and taste buds—jump for joy!



Dark Chocolate Almond Brittle – 6oz – $12.00


We believe that almonds and dark chocolate belong together like long-lost lovers. So we paired them up by enveloping our delicious almond brittle in bittersweet dark chocolate. The result is rich, creamy, crunchy, and oh so sweet. And we think you’ll agree this divine combination is decadently good!



Milk Chocolate Almond Brittle – 6oz – $12.00


Now this is downright melt-in-your mouth comfort food! Our sweet Louisiana brittle is packed with whole almonds then smothered with creamy milk chocolate. One bite, and you’ll be grinning so wide people will be wonderin’ what you’ve been up to. Just show ‘em the milk chocolate melting at the edges of your mouth, and they’ll quickly understand what all the fuss is about!