Cashew Brittle

We have 3 flavors of Cashew Brittle for you to choose from…

This all-natural product does not contain additives or preservatives. It comes to you perfectly fresh.

Original Cashew Brittle – 6oz – $12.00

If you’re a cashew aficionado, you’ll be hooked on this surprising twist on an old Southern favorite. By substituting cashews for peanuts in this rich, crunchy candy, we’ve created a tasty, tempting treat that will leave you begging for more. Our Cashew Brittle makes a great gift for those who appreciate tradition but applaud innovation, too. We’re having fun in our candy kitchen, and you can taste that joy in each and every bite of our brittle.

Original Cashew Brittle Original Cashew Brittle-2

Dark Chocolate Cashew Brittle – 6oz – $15.00

Indulge in the bittersweet richness of dark chocolate carefully blended with the delicate flavor of cashew nuts! Bathed in dark chocolate, our Cashew Brittle is an exquisite treat for anyone who craves the gratifying pleasure of smooth chocolate and the crunchy bite of crisp brittle and nuts.

Dark Chocolate Cashew Brittle Dark Chocolate Cashew Brittle-2

Milk Chocolate Cashew Brittle – 6oz – $15.00

Is there anything more comforting than milk chocolate? We don’t think so, which is why we take a generous portion of our decadent cashew brittle—drench it in creamy milk chocolate—then package it while the fresh-out-of-the kettle flavor and scent is still rich enough to make a grown man swoon.

Milk Chocolate Cashew Brittle Milk Chocolate Cashew Brittle-2