Macadamia Brittle

We have 3 flavors of Macadamia Brittle for you to choose from…

This all-natural product does not contain additives or preservatives. It comes to you perfectly fresh.

Original Macadamia Brittle – 6oz – $14.00

Now this is a nut that never found its way into Aunt Marie’s candy kettle, let alone her Louisiana home. But if it had, we know she would have sworn it fell straight from heaven and into her kitchen! You may believe it, too, when you taste this exotic nut with its rich taste and unique texture encased in sweet brittle.

This marriage between tropical Hawaii and the Old South has produced one of our most delicious flavor combinations. But we gotta’ warn you: Try our heavenly Macadamia Brittle, and you may break into spontaneous shouts of “Hallelujah!”

Original Macadamia Brittle- 6oz – $14.00 Original Macadamia Brittle- 6oz – $14.00-2

Dark Chocolate Macadamia Brittle – 6oz – $16.00

Could anything taste more decadent than our exotic macadamia nut brittle bathed in deep, dark chocolate till all its nooks and crannies are coated with bittersweet chocolaty goodness? We don’t think so, but we’ll let you judge for yourself. Just don’t be surprised if your taste buds jump up and do a Louisiana square dance in your mouth!

Dark Chocolate Macadamia Brittle Dark Chocolate Macadamia Brittle-2

Milk Chocolate Macadamia Brittle – 6oz – $16.00

The world just wouldn’t be as much fun without milk chocolate. And many of our customers say the same about our nut brittles. That’s why we’ve taken our delectable macadamia brittle and coated it with rich, top-of-the-line milk chocolate. The result? A blend of creamy and crunchy you’ll find so delightful you may insist you’ve discovered the secret to happiness!

Milk Chocolate Macadamia Brittle