Lanier's Fine Candies Testimonials

Maxwell Family – Renton, WA

“Our family favorite is the Cashew Brittle! It’s a smooth and rich yet nutty combination, just delicious!”


Joe N. – Bloomfield Hills, MI

“I ordered several pounds of the macadamia nut brittle and the cashew brittle for myself and some of my friends. It is the MOST delicious brittle you will ever taste. I think it is a nearly impossible task to find any brittle that taste better than Lanier’s. A truly divine chocolate experience.”


Lee S. – San Diego, CA

“I first tasted Lanier Candies over 5 years ago and since that time I always keep some on hand for personal consumption as well as party treats. I typically advoid candies, cookies, chips and sweet drinks. However, whenever I decide to reward my sweet tooth, it’s always Lanier candy. My little secret is to fill a plastic sandwick bag with Laniers Almond Brittle Milk Chocolate (my favorite) and put it inside my pocket whenever I’m off to see a movie. I simply can’t get enough of this delicious treat. Mr. Lanier, your Aunt Marie would be proud that the family recipe is in tact and her tradition continues. ”


Ralph B. – Renton, WA

“I have loved eating peanut brittle ever since I was a youngster growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. To me it was the perfect snack. Candy couldn’t get any better. That is, until I had eaten some of the dark chocolate coated cashew brittle created by Lanier’s Fine Chocolates. Ah yes, candy could in fact get better. Lanier’s Fine Chocolates has certainly made my life a little sweeter!”


Barbara L. – Seattle, WA

“”Betcha can’t eat just one” So says Lay’s about their famous chips. The same can be said of Lanier’s Fine Candies. For over 10 yrs I have been one of the original taste-tester and purchaser of Lanier’s candies. I officially declare that the blend of spices and nuts forms a perfect union. One bite and your mouth will explode in pure delight. By popular demand,twice a year I have to ship candy to Robert in Louisiana, Anne & Willie in Texas, Clarence in Virginia,and don’t forget my BFF’s in Seattle. I challenge you to stop at one bite…”


Chris and Helen S. – Black Diamond, WA

“”Big surprises often come in small packages,” and this not more true than with the quality of products that come from the small family business of Lanier’s Fine Candies. Our family has enjoyed every product we have ordered over the last couple of years, but the dark chocolate pecan brittle is a favorite. Lanier’s use some of the best dark chocolate in his candy that we have tasted and we have tasted many of the brands available. We highly recommend this company and their mouth watering brittle.”


Dave P.

“I have to tell you this is the finest Brittle in the world. I am a connoisseur of fine Brittle and have purchased it all over this country and the world. Nothing beats your recipe or craft at making fine Brittles of all kind. I have been eating it for many years even before you started dipping it in Chocolate and WOW!!! My Mother loved it so much that I couldn’t go visit her without bringing some for her to savor and enjoy. She was the most caring and generous person I ever knew except when it came to your Brittle. She would hide it and make a container last a while or until I brought another container.”

Thanks for making the world a little sweeter and better place for all.


Joel S. – Tacoma, WA
“Lanier’s brittle (especially the dark pecan with sea salt) is without a doubt the best brittle I’ve ever tasted. I HIGHLY recommend Lanier’s to anyone who enjoys high quality candies”


Tracey M. – Philadelphia, PA

Brought back the brittle from heaven! So we are all hooked.


Randi C. – NYC, NY

I wanted to write a Testimonial for Lanier’s Fine Candies, and hope that everyone who reads it will take the time to try it for themselves if that have not already. I was in Seattle with a friend and we picked up a few different varieties of Lanier’s Brittle.
My friend and I are both from New York City and had never heard of it, but in a town filled with wonderful chocolate it caught our eye.  We ended up picking different ones but shared them with each other while we were in Seattle.

When we got back to New York we were sorry we had not bought more! I did not know it but my friend looked Lanier’s up online and placed an order. She was surprised that the man himself, Herman Lanier, took her order and spent time with her describing all the different brittle she could choose from. He could not have been nicer she told me.

I was back in Seattle last month and decided to call and see where I could place an order that I might be able to pick up on short notice. Mr. Lanier arranged to meet me at a time and day that would work for me. That just does not happen often! I was so happy I got to meet this warm, wonderful and amazing brittle maker in person.

My favorites are the Dark Chocolate Pistachios Brittle and the Dark Chocolate Macadamia Brittle. (My friend likes the Peanut Brittle the most!)  You should try them all and see which is your favorite. I have already placed another order!

Thank You Mr. Lanier,


J. Fowler – Seattle, WA

After our bachelor party devoured every container of your dark chocolate cashew brittle in the first afternoon, we decided that you either need to win the Nobel Prize or found and destroyed.

Keep up the amazing work.


 S. Webb – Kirkland, WA

I purchased a bag several days ago at Evergreen Health in Kirkland, Wa for my husband. It was so delicious, he only ended up getting one small piece! I love the combination of smooth, sweet milk chocolate and the crunchy, salty cashew brittle. My new obsession!